Wekkerradio - AEG

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Wekker - Wekkerradio,
Extra: Thermometer, DCF klok,
projectie, audio-input,
Kleur: Wit,
Voeding: Netstroom,
Frequentieband: FM,
Met snoozefunctie.
Productcode: 1375493
leverbaar: 4
€ 51,99 (Incl. 21% BTW)
Productcode: 1375493
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Approx. 9.5 cm LCD Display, blue illuminated, power button, radio controlled time setting, slewable and focusable projector of 180°, time projection can be switched on/off, weekday indication, date indication, two-stage dimmer + automatic light switch-off, AUX-IN* via 3.5 mm jack plugs, volume control, frequency control, watch backup in case of mains failure
FM PLL-radio, Digital radio frequency display, Dipole antenna, station memory
Alarm function
Two alarm times which can be set individually by days (daily, on weekdays), Sleep Timer (up to 90 min.), wake-up function by signal tone or radio, snooze interval
24 hour LCD display, illuminated in blue
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz, watch backup CR 2032 button cell (included)
* Audio-input for the connection to the PC, notebook, MP3-player, cassette player, CD player etc. via the headphone exit port of the sets.


Wekker - Wekkerradio
ExtraThermometer, DCF klok,
projectie, audio-input
Met snoozefunctie
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