Binnenantenne - Actief - TV

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Binnenantenne - TV,
Type: Actief,
Frequentieband: DVB-T/VHF/UHF/DVBT-2,
Versterking: 38 - 48 dB,
Kabellengte: 1.5 meter.
Productcode: 1290445
€ 44,99 (Incl. 21% BTW)
Productcode: 1290445
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DVB-T Binnenantenne - Zwart,
Type: Actief,
Frequentieband: DVB-T/VHF/UHF,
Kabellengte: 1.5 meter,
Regelbare versterking: Ja,
Versterking: 38 - 48 dB,
Voeding via de meegeleverde adapter,
Afmetingen: 286 x 149 x 20mm.

Directivity pattern omnidirectional
Frequency Range VHF from 147
Frequency range VHF to 230
Frequency Range UHF from 470
Frequency range UHF to 790
antenna gain 42
antenna gain 38
blocking filter LTE/4G
Amplifier power-supply via power supply (Euro plug, 230V)
Signal amplification yes

for reception of analog and digital TV signals in the VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-870 MHz) range

active DAB, DVB-T, and DVB-T2 antenna especially for HD/SD digital terrestrial TV reception

the integrated amplifier (42/38 dB) is supplied with power at 5 volts (50mA)

omnidirectional and therefore no realignment (horizontal/vertical) necessary for differently polarized transmitters

GSM/LTE/4G filter to avoid annoying interference by cell phones

shielded coaxial cable and coaxial connector for interference-free reception


Binnenantenne - TV
Versterking38 - 48 dB
Kabellengte1.5 meter
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