Netwerk koppelstuk

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Netwerk Koppelstuk
Type: Cat6
Aansluiting 1: LSA+,
Aansluiting 2: LSA+,
Productcode: 2322773
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€ 6,99 (Incl. BTW)
Productcode: 2322773
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This cable connector is designed for eight-wire connection, extension, repair or rerouting of Cat 6 or 6A data/LAN cables, and does away with the need for bulky connection boxes. It is incredible easy to assemble – no special tools required – and can be effortlessly extended in cable ducts while only taking up a small amount of space; its dimensions are 18 x 26 x 39 mm (W x H x L). Fully shielded housing made of die-cast zinc, featuring strain relief on both sides.

shield connection and strain relief integrated into housing
incredibly easy to assemble – no special tools required
easy-to-assemble connection of AWG 24/1 to 22/1 data cables
cable diameter (solid wire): 0.5–0.64 mm
cable diameter (strand): 0.61–0.76 mm
suitable for cable sheath diameters of 5.0–9.7 mm


Netwerk Koppelstuk
Aansluiting 1LSA+
Aansluiting 2LSA+
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